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Redding Gets Crafty & Creative

With the Redding Cultural District boasting more than 70 public art sites and 50 eateries and bars, the city provides plenty of cultural encounters and things to taste. While Mother Nature is the main draw in Redding, we do indulge in other interests in between all of our kayaking and exploring. Theatre and live music? Check. Museums? Check. Historical sites? Check. Whether it’s a rainy day or an eventful night, Redding has excursions for all speeds that will leave you a little more cultured than when you arrived.

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Theater & Live Music
Theater & Live Music

Raise the Curtain

After traipsing through nature, even the most trail-loving traveler wants to sit back and be entertained. With the Riverfront Playhouse and Axiom Repertory Theatre, Redding has local performances to do just that. Bigger performances like comedy shows and concerts are on the agenda at the Redding Civic Auditorium. The iconic Cascade Theatre has been welcoming visitors since 1935 and is still Redding’s premier stage and film venue. For up-to-date live music around town, check out our events page. Come for the outdoor adventures, stay for a quality show. How can you lose?

Art & Galleries
Art & Galleries

Explore the Exhibits

We’re humble and unique in our approach to art, but you’ll feel it through murals and eclectic hotels and even in the electrical boxes around town! Turtle Bay Exploration Park and Museum host artifacts and art shows and exhibits. Work by local artists and traveling shows fill Redding’s galleries like Carter House Art Gallery and Shasta College Art Gallery. Pop into the William Suhr Art Gallery for something contemporary or Old City Hall Arts Center for more of a community vibe. The Art Hunger hosts pop up art galleries throughout the city. Like the rest of Redding, art enjoys the great outdoors at the Exhibit and Sculpture Park at City Hall. Redding brings that local charm and scenery that will make any curator at the Louvre or the Met wish they could take a hike in our hills.

Lady stands in historic Old Shasta

Turn Back the Clock

Our caves and parks date back millions of years, but Redding also showcases the past few hundred years of human activity in the region with some historical attractions. Shasta Historical Society is committed to the education and enrichment of the community through our museums, research library, community events and publications. Relive the Victorian era at Behrens-Eaton House Museum or explore the stories behind the Gold Rush at Shasta State Historic Park. California’s oldest continually-used Chinese temple entrances visitors at Weaverville Joss House State Historic Park. Those who remember California’s short stint as an independent nation can learn more at William B. Ide Adobe State Historic Park where pioneer history awaits history hungry visitors.

Only in Redding
Boy looks at trout at Turtle Bay
Only in Redding

Our Unique Assets

Visitors to Redding like the quirky unique touches that they’ll only find in our city. Turtle Bay Exploration Park and Museum is one of them, where visitors can learn about the local ecosystem. It’s a particular favorite for families. It becomes a winter wonderland with the Garden of Lights by year’s end. Then there’s Sundial Bridge, our Big Ben or Taj Mahal, if you will. Smaller and less bombastic, Diestelhorst Bridge provides pedestrian paths for visitors to enjoy the views. And budding fashionistas should check out Redding Fashion Alliance for any events and fashion week happenings in town.

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