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Getting to Redding

Convenience Travel In and Out

Getting to Redding is simple, even if we are tucked away in the heart of Northern California. Whether you want to fly or drive, take public transport or walk, you can get here any way you’d like. Though maybe rethink walking, OK?

  • Driving
  • Flying
  • Public Transport

Road Trip to Redding

Driving here from anywhere in the region is your best bet. Once in Redding, many adventures are best accessed by vehicle, so having your own is a win. Interstate 5 is a major roadway that leads to Redding, but trust Google Maps to get you here and we’ll see you soon!


Redding Municipal Airport

The Redding Municipal Airport connects Redding to major hubs in California, including Seattle, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, making it a short flight from most U.S. destinations in the region.

Public Transport
Public Transport

Roads and Rails

The Redding Bus Station offers Greyhound service to places like San Francisco and Las Vegas for anyone looking to take the longer route. For something more scenic, Amtrak services Redding with its Coast Starlight line. Both stations are accessible from downtown Redding, walkable to most major hotels and attractions. Go green and hop a train or bus!

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