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Transport In and Around Redding

Once you make it to Redding, most of the downtown area is accessible by foot. We love that, right? But to visit the rest of the region and its adventure experiences, you’ll need to be ready to either drive yourself or get familiar with some of the other options at your disposal. Don’t fret. We have you covered here in Redding with shuttles and taxis and any other practical transport required to make sure you can access it all.

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Public Transit
Public Transit

Public Transit in Redding

If you’re not driving or just need a quick ride somewhere when you’re exploring by foot, Redding has you covered. The new Redding Bikeshare program by Shasta Living Streets allows you to explore downtown Redding and beyond with affordable hourly, monthly, and annual passes. The RABA bus system also provides convenient service for locals and visitors alike, but plan a trip carefully if relying on bus transfers to and from locations as hours are limited.

Cabs and Cars
Cabs and Cars

Grab a Cab in Redding

Let someone else drive around for a while if you need a break. ABC Cab Company is one of the taxi services that will help you get around town if Uber is being finicky. It’s a good name to have in your back pocket in case you find yourself in a pickle. There’s even VIP Limousine and Ambassador Limousine if you’re feeling like you need to add something extra fancy to your excursion or event.

Alternative Transport
Alternative Transport

Get Around Redding Differently

Cars and buses are one way to explore the area, but you’re not limited to either! Consider contacting TowTally Camping to rent your own personal camper if you want the true RV experience in Redding. Or aim higher and head to Benton Air Center provides aerial tours of Redding if you need to get birds’ eye views of the city and its landscapes. Why not mix it up a bit and make every part of your trip as adventurous as possible?

Rental Cars
Rental Cars

Rent a Car

When you arrive by plane or train or bus, renting a car is the best way to experience all that Redding has to offer. Brands like Avis, Budget, and Hertz are available both in town and at the airport. Book on their respective sites beforehand to make sure you get the car you need and want!

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