June 6, 2024


Redding graphic designer Matt Briner

When visiting Redding, you’ll likely stroll the Sundial Bridge, head to the lake, check out some public art, and enjoy a nice cold brew. However, you may not realize that you’re probably enjoying some of Matt Briner’s handiwork.

No, he didn’t design the Sundial Bridge, but he did create some popular local beer logos: Hex, Get Bent, Numb Numb Juice, Blood Knot, Dry Fly, and Day Off—just to name a few.




Finding His Calling: Art > Math

A Redding local most of his life, Matt stumbled on his calling when he realized the numbers just weren’t adding up.

“At Shasta College, I was an engineering major because I thought that’s how you could make money creating things, but it turns out I’m not super good at math,” he laughed.

“I was kind of unaware that graphic design was even a thing, even though designs are in your face every day. I didn’t know that was a way you could actually make a living—it’s kind of crazy.”

His first professional designs involved working with very different cans as an intern with KMS hair products in 2002.

“I’ve always been creative and always loved to draw, even though, to be honest, I’m not even the best at drawing. But what I learned is that I loved to come up with creative solutions.”


“A lot of stuff centering around beer has just been the most creative and fun,” Matt said.

“I have received a lot of compliments and really kind words from people like the Redding Beer Week logo, the Shasta Strong logo, which was the brewery (collaboration), and some of the Fall River beers.”

But Matt doesn’t just measure success on froth and bubble. “I like to look at how effective it is. This is almost as important as the visuals, and how much I’m proud of it to be in my portfolio. I like to look at the success of it.”

Redding as a Home Base: The Perks

As demand for his services grows, Matt loves that he can engage companies as far away as the East Coast and beyond without having to give up the benefits of the lifestyle Redding has to offer.

“It’s such a beautiful mellow pace, and that’s what I like,” Matt said. “Being able to telecommute now, you don’t necessarily have to live in a bigger city. I can be doing the stuff I want and live in a beautiful place like Redding.”

The perks of home involve coffee and, first and foremost, skateboarding with his “bros.”

“I don’t even skateboard that well anymore; it’s about hanging with the dudes, and that’s a big part of it. I used to love riding motorcycles around the North State. I would say just getting outside and playing, whether it’s on the concrete or in the woods, I love it.”


Redding’s Heart and Community Spirit

When Matt does have to leave Northern California, it’s Redding’s heart that draws him home.

He fondly recalls having played a small part in the relief efforts aiding survivors of the Carr Fire in 2018. The Shasta Strong collaboration was particularly inspiring for Matt.

“When there’s been bad stuff that happens, like Shasta Strong, for example, that was actually a really proud moment of being in Redding and being involved in the arts side of the brewery industry and seeing these breweries come together for a greater good,” Matt said.

Shasta Strong beer can logo by Matt Briner in Redding, CA

“This collaboration was extremely inspiring seeing local breweries that are technically in competition with each other work together for the greater good,” he shared on his website.

“Another thing that floored and humbled me was our community’s excitement and support for this release and the artwork. This project gave me a sense of purpose I’ve never felt in my career. Making such an impact financially AND emotionally with something I design, well, I can’t even tell you how amazing that made me feel. I’m going to cherish that feeling for a very long time.”

“Growing up here, we love it. I’ve seen so many cool creatives and people come together and come up with awesome solutions that you might not see in bigger cities.”

A young Asian couple on a Shasta Lake houseboat enjoying a Get Bent beer from Fall River Brewing Co. Design by Matt Briner.

Experience Matt’s Designs IRL

To appreciate Matt’s creative designs firsthand, keep an eye out for Fall River Brewing’s annual 12 Beers of Christmas event. The brewery releases a series of holiday movie-themed beers each year, complete with Matt’s eye-catching labels.

From the “Son of a Nutcracker Ice Cream Sour” to the “Bad Santa Saison,” these unique creations showcase the Fall River team’s creativity and Matt’s ability to bring each concept to life through his artwork.

If you missed the 12 Beers of Christmas event last year, don’t worry! You can still appreciate Matt’s work by visiting Fall River Brewing in Redding or picking up a Fall River beer at your local store. With distribution throughout California and Nevada, you can savor the brew’s craftsmanship and the labels’ artistry wherever you may be.



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