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Redding by Foot

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Take a Hike in Redding

Check those laces and step out into Redding’s natural beauty to explore the miles and miles of trails, either paved and rugged—we have options. From the highest mountain treks to the waterfront strolls, trails around Redding cater to all levels, providing the chance to experience all of our natural beauty at your pace. A drive north, west, or east of Redding offers a contrast of options, but you can also just stick downtown along the Sacramento River to find a bit of tranquility. It’s up to you to take the first step!

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Hike in Redding
hike in redding
Hike in Redding

Hikes Close to Downtown

Not all hikes in Redding are high-stakes adventures. The Sacramento River Trail is a gorgeous yet accessible loop with magnificent views of the river and the Sundial Bridge in Downtown Redding. Friendly paved paths along the Turtle Bay East Trail provide 1.5 miles for visitors to warm up, perhaps before moving to more arduous hikes. Less experienced hikers may find something more their speed at Lema Ranch. You don’t have to drive far to reach these trails and start stretching your legs in Redding.

Whiskeytown Trails
Hiking at whiskeytown
Whiskeytown Trails

West to Whiskeytown

The Whiskeytown National Recreation Area is crisscrossed by trails for all levels. Easier routes like the Camden Water Ditch and Oak Bottom Water Ditch reward you with waterfront views along Whiskeytown Lake, ideal for spotting some of the region’s many birds. Both Guardian Rock Vista and Crystal Creek Falls offer hikes that intermediate hikers appreciate.

And then there’s historic Crystal Creek Water Ditch, another comfortable hike that still gets the heart beating a bit as you hear the trickling of Crystal Creek in the distance. The more challenging Davis Gulch route takes you past a cemetery while the steep James K. Carr Trail leads you to Whiskeytown Falls.

Mountain Trails
Mountain Trails

North to the Mountain

North of Redding, Mount Shasta beckons to be explored. From Bunny Flat to the summit of Mount Shasta, you’re looking at a winding 5-6 mile journey, so take your time. More leisurely hikers will enjoy Panther Meadow Loop or the Job Everitt Vista Point for a more accessible experience. It doesn’t have to feel like Everest! But if you want that sort of thrill, spend a few hours heading along the Sand Flat Trail or Squaw Meadows Trail for something more impressive and demanding.

Lassen Park Trails
Lassen Park Trails

East to Feel the Heat

Redding boasts some of the best hiking in Lassen Volcanic National Park. Boiling Springs Lake isn’t the easiest, nor is it the most arduous trail, but you can hike past the intensely hot, 125-degree lake fed by geothermal steam vents. The Lava Bed Trails  are Redding’s more unique hiking haunts. Terrace, Shadow and Cliff Lakes provide some challenges but attract photographers and naturalists who want to see what all the fuss is about in Redding. When you want to up the adventure, head to Brokeoff Mountain for one of the more difficult trails that rewards with its views. Terminal Geyser brings you a rush of steam on a hike that’s not for first-timers.

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