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Redding’s Off-Highway Vehicle Trails

Whether it’s on a dirt bike, side by side, 4 x 4 or an ATV, there are plenty of ways to feel the rumble of a motor as you careen through Redding and its surrounding natural landscapes. Dedicated trails provide the thrill of riding an OHV with the stunning scenery that you’ll only find in Redding. Visitors can rent all the equipment they need when they arrive, making it an easy activity for the day. Leave a trail of dust behind you as you watch that speedometer tick forward, but remember, safety first. Helmets required!

  • Chappie-Shasta Staging Area
  • Backbone Road Trail
  • Copley Mountain Staging Area
  • East Fork Staging Area
Chappie-Shasta Staging Area
Chappie-Shasta Staging Area

OHV at Chappie

If you really want to take the road less traveled on, check out Redding’s off-road vehicles scene. The trails at Chappie-Shasta OHV Staging Area welcome dirt bikes for the real off-road experience. Featuring over 250 miles of trails, you’re sure to soar to new heights all year round.

Backbone Road Trail
Backbone Road Trail

OHV at Backbone Road

Backbone Road Trail offers an additional 22.1 miles around Shasta Lake for scenic views and year-round OHV riding. There are basic facilities available making it a solid daytrip.

Copley Mountain Staging Area
Copley Mountain Staging Area

OHV at Copley Mountain

Between Shasta Lake and Whiskeytown Lake, this smaller staging area offers trails for beginners and experts alike. Trails from Copley Mountain Staging Area even link up to the Chappie-Shasta OHV Staging Area if you really want to clock some miles.

East Fork Staging Area
East Fork Staging Area

Interwining Trails

Go like you are heading out to Whiskeytown on the 299. Pass Whiskeytown Lake and meander through the mountains until you hit Trinity Mountain Road. This road turns into Main Street. This historic town of French Gulch is awesome and will make you feel like you are in a Hallmark movie. Just please make sure to drive slow through town and grab a burger. You will continue on Main Street until you reach East Fork Rd. Take East Fork up the hill until you reach the staging area.

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