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Hike, Bike, Trot, and Run Redding

We’re not bragging or anything, but Redding features an impressive 225 miles of trails within a 15-mile radius of downtown – earning us the moniker of “Trails Capital of California.” Enjoy river views, rolling foothills and sweeping valley vistas along the well-maintained trails, with amenities and kindred spirits scattered along the way. Short loops close to town and long stretches through the hills mean that all abilities are welcome and any schedule can be accommodated. Did we mention they’re free and most are dog-friendly? It’s the little things that make a big difference!

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Easy Trails
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Easy Trails

Trails for Beginners

Not all trails in Redding are high-stakes adventures. The Blue Gravel Mine Trail is a gorgeous yet accessible loop – paved, with a slight incline to it. If serene, quiet paths among orchards, and views of mountain ranges are more your thing, Lema Ranch is perfect for walkers and runners alike. Things are a bit cooler along Turtle Bay East Trail and its 1.5 miles of friendly walkways that allow for dogs to be off leash and in the water. Less experienced hikers may find something more accessible at Chamise Peak – where they can hike among shaded trees and unprecedented views of the three Shasta’s (Shasta Lake, Shasta Dam, and Mount Shasta). Many places claim to have “something for everyone” – but in Redding, it’s an undeniable fact.

Adventure Treks
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Adventure Treks

For the More Experienced

Every lake and park has its set of trails, but we know that some visitors in Redding want a challenge – and we have you covered. Trek around in Redding when hiking locally or out to adventure in the surrounding area. If you really want to hike/climb, summiting Mount Shasta or Mount Lassen can be done in a day if you determined.  Castle Crags can get rocky but it is definitely worth the hike. Head up, up, up to Brokeoff Mountain for one of the more difficult trails that rewards hikers with its breathtaking views. Terrace, Shadow and Cliff Lakes provide some challenges, but attract photographers and naturalists who want to take in all the natural beauty of Redding. Pick one of our many waterfalls to test your limits as you hike with purpose. Pack water, snacks, and the right shoes, because Redding won’t always make it easy for you on the trails!

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Redding On Two Wheels

Redding’s Sacramento River National Recreation Trail is a paved, 14-mile, two-trail arrangement that crosses the Sundial Bridge and travels north to Shasta Dam alongside a historic abandoned railway. For an even shorter trip that’s packed with just as many views, bikers who are looking to take the paved way can enjoy the popular 2.1 mile Arboretum Loop Trail. Lastly, the Blue Gravel Trail is a historic, 4.4-mile trail takes you through a canyon, seasonal creek and historic gold mine. Enjoy the natural wonders of Redding from accessible and easy-to-navigate trails from behind your handlebars!

Mountain biking
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Mountain biking

Two Wheels Going Up

The areas surrounding Shasta Lake and Whiskeytown National Recreation Area offer endless ribbons of single-track trails which present vast opportunities for every level of fat tire enthusiast. View nearby mountains while you challenge yourself. Whether you’re looking for the Mythic creature in the Big Foot Mountain Bike Challenge or utilizing their recommended routes you can map out your perfect ride. Every April, the Lemurian Shasta Classic is one of the oldest and most famous mountain bike races that draws riders from all over the West Coast. Most hotels are just a short ride from the trail system, and several bike shops like Sports LTD and Chain Gang for mountain bikes, Shasta Bike Depot and Jefferson State Adventure Hub for electric bikes offer maps, advice, and gear.

Off-Road Vehicles
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Off-Road Vehicles

Best Blitzing Trails

If you really want to take the road less traveled, check out Redding’s off-roading trails. The trails at Chappie welcome dirt bikes for the real off-road experience. Featuring over 250 miles of trails, you’re sure to soar to new heights all year round. If that’s not enough, the Backbone Road Trail offers an additional 22.1 miles around Shasta Lake with scenic views.

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