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Pass on the paddle and start your engine for a more effortless cruise around Shasta Lake while you let your worries sink far, far away. From the Sacramento River to Whiskeytown National Recreation Area, you’ll hear the hum and whirls of motors propelling watercraft across their surfaces. Spot gleeful tubers, skiers, and wakeboarders in tow, enjoying a more high octane version of fun. In Redding, we have experiences for all styles and skill levels. Rent all the equipment you need or bring your own, just be ready to get out on the water and make incredible memories alongside those waves.

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  • Solo Watersports
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Pleasure Boating
Pleasure Boating

Pleasure Boating on the Lakes

It’s all happening on Shasta Lake. Holiday Harbor and Jones Valley Resort are two options for renting boats to get out on Shasta Lake. Oak Bottom Marina has a fleet of boats ready to rent. Strap on some water skis and feel the wind through your hair as you zip along the lakes. Silverthorn Resort also rents out party boats and wakeboard boats and other small craft. Explore McCloud River which flows into the lake, or head further north to Lake Siskiyou to discover new landscapes.

Sacramento River
Sacramento River

River Boating Experiences

Launch ramps around the city allow boaters easy access to the Sacramento River. Pop into the current at Lake Redding Boat Ramp or the Riverside Boat Ramp. Follow the 54-mile Red Bluff Boating Trail to enjoy a soothing jaunt through nature from the solitude of the river. Or change gears with some faster speeds by linking up with Redding Jet Boat Tours for an unforgettable motorized experience on the river. Calm down with some trout fishing while paddling through the water to Balls Ferry, or connect with Clear Creek for more opportunities to explore.

Solo Watersports
Solo Watersports

Watersport Adventure in Redding

With jetskiing, tubing, water skiing, wakeboarding and wake surfing, Redding offers visitors the chance to chase down thrills on its waterways. Action Sport Rentals rents out jet skis for some speed while Inland Boat Sports has everything you’ll need to wakeboard and wakesurf. If you haven’t experienced a Sky Ski, you must make its way onto your itinerary whether it is flips and tricks or a mellow tow then try out the hydrofoil and other toys. Design your own personalized motorized boating adventures in Redding and start creating memories.

Water Tubing
Water Tubing

Get Towed Across the Water

It doesn’t take much experience to enjoy one of the most popular sports on the lake. Hitch an inflatable tube to your watercraft and get ready to make waves as you bounce across Redding’s lakes and rivers. Renting a small craft on Shasta Lake, however, is probably the most popular way to enjoy some speed and thrills without any fuss. Check out companies like Silverthorn Resort or Holiday Harbor to enquire about renting the right boat for your towing needs.


Sleeping on the Water

For visitors who just never want to leave the water, many companies rent houseboats to enjoy the lakes day and night. Silverthorn Resort and Jones Valley Resort rent out different models and sizes of houseboats on beautiful Lake Shasta, providing a unique way to experience this Redding icon. Look for more options at Bridge Bay Resort and find the accommodation that fits your family’s needs and ensure that your stay at Shasta Lake will be anything but forgettable.

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