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Kayaking on the Sacramento River

Satisfy Your Waterlust

TIME Magazine labeled Redding as the “unofficial capital of kayaking” for its obsession with paddling, and we own the title with pride. Natural waterways like the Sacramento River and manmade ones like Whiskeytown Lake provide the pristine conditions to satisfy your waterlust. Glide across the water on a kayak to an island or small cove for private swimming. Feeling daring? Hit Shasta Lake, where you can try your hand at water skiing, wakeboarding, tubing or paddling your way through the white water rapids of the Trinity River. Or even sleep on a houseboat for a one-of-a-kind experience.

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Paddle Sports
Family kayaking on Whiskeytown Lake
Paddle Sports

Paddle Fast or Paddle Slow

Get those arms ready to do some work. Whether you want to hop in a kayak, canoe, or on a SUP  we got you! Redding’s surrounded by lakes and has a river running through it. The Sacramento River is a favorite for kayakers and anglers alike due to its proximity and year around yet world-renowned trout. For larger landscapes, we have both Whiskeytown Lake and Shasta Lake nearby. Looking to rent a kayak to get out on Shasta Lake for your nautical navigation, two more options are Holiday Harbor and Jones Valley Resort. Lastly, Action Sports Rental and Headwaters Adventure Co. are both located in Downtown Redding and offer all the supplies you need to get started.

Motorized Water Sports
Boat pulling tubes
Motorized Water Sports

Living that Lake Life

Pass on the paddle and start your engine for a more effortless cruise around Shasta Lake while you let your worries sink far, far away. From the Sacramento River to Whiskeytown National Recreation Area, you’ll hear the hum and whirls of motors propelling watercraft across their surfaces. From jetskiing to tubing to water skiing, and wakeboarding or wake surfing, Redding offers visitors the chance to chase down thrills on its waterways. Action Sport Rentals rents out jet skis for some speed while Inland Boat Sports has everything you’ll need to wakeboard and wakesurf.

A young boy slides down a slide at a waterpark in Redding

Swim Your Heart Out

Being on the water is one way to experience Redding. Being in it is a whole other world. Where else can you enjoy a host of gently rushing waterfalls that are equal parts refreshing and photogenic? Stake out a spot on a sandy beach at Whiskeytown Lake. Find a quiet cove at Shasta Lake or a lazy spot on the Sacramento River. Dive into your hotel’s pool or splash around the H2O playgrounds of Water Works Park, Kids Kingdom or the Redding Aquatic Center. Redding summers are famously sunny and warm, so splishing and splashing is requisite to say cool!

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