A man holding a rainbow trout in the Sacramento River in Redding, CA
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A drone shot of the Sacramento River flowing through Redding, CA where world-renowned trout fishing is enjoyed by anglers year-round.

There’s Something in The Water in Redding

The Sacramento River runs cold and swift through the heart of Redding, creating one of the best fisheries in the country. Redding was named one of America’s top 10 trout towns by Field & Stream magazine in 2023. Our quality of fish in the Sacramento is matched only by the convenience of catching them. The river benefits from a temperature control device that extracts colder water from Shasta Lake depths and sends it downstream for year-round trout fishing.

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Rivers and Creeks
A kid and his guide fishing together in a stream near Redding, CA
Rivers and Creeks

Go With the Flow

If you can’t fish in the same river twice, we have plenty of Redding fishing spots options to diversify the fishing experience even further. Battle Creek provides 16 miles filled with Chinook salmon, steelhead trout, rainbow trout, and brown trout. The nation’s largest spring system at Fall River is flush with rainbow trout while Hat Creek is all about the fly fishing. The larger ripples of Klamath River and McCloud Rivers provide top-notch fly fishing in their well-stocked waters. Pit River provides a bit more of a challenge with its swift-moving current and slippery rocks, while Trinity River heaves with salmon and steelhead. Meanwhile the Sacramento River boasts year-round rainbow trout fishing and seasonal steelhead and salmon, thanks to temperature control systems.

Sustainable Fishing
A father and son fishing for kokanee salmon at Whiskeytown Lake near Redding, CA
Sustainable Fishing

A Sustainable Seafood Solution

The Trinity Guide highlights the abundant yet overlooked Kokanee salmon as a sustainable seafood solution for local anglers. These landlocked sockeye salmon spawn right in Shasta County lakes, creating a self-sustaining fishery. Though small, Kokanee salmon are delicious, challenging to catch, and a more ethical alternative to endangered Sacramento River salmon. Supporting this fishery brings commerce to the area while preserving the passion of fishing for future generations. Learn more about sustainable fishing in Shasta County.

Lakes and Reservoirs
A person holds a fishing rod at a lake in Redding
Lakes and Reservoirs

Cast Deep

It’s fun to explore the rushing waters of the rivers and the gentle flows of the creeks, but sometimes it’s more relaxing to skip the currents for a nice calm lake. Picturesque Manzanita Lake is the place for brown and rainbow trout, ideally while gently rocking on your boat. Shasta Lake fishing provides just one more excuse to visit this recreation hub where boaters and anglers gather to enjoy the many arms of the lakes where you can catch bass or trout. Whiskeytown Lake is yet another favorite to find locals and visitors surveying their bobbers from the shore. Consider Baum Lake, as well, conveniently located next to the Hatchery. If there’s a body of water in Redding, chances are someone’s fishing in it. Pack a few hooks and take advantage of California’s sunniest city while crossing your fingers for an eventual bite.

Guides and Gear
Alex Ross, founder and head guide of Trinity Guide Co., in a fishing boat with another fly fisherman on the Sacramento River in Redding, CA
Guides and Gear

Talking Tackle and Things

Whether you need gear or a personal guide through Redding’s waters, there’s no shortage of services available like Fish Kennedy Brothers, The Trinity Guide, AC Fly Fishing, The Fly Shop, Sac River GuideRiver Pursuit Guide Service, Steven Fry’s Fly Guide and NorCal Fishing Guides, catering to anglers of all levels. MoJoBella Fly Fishing demystifies the fancy wrist work needed to become a pro at this very particular type of fishing. Local-run companies like Confluence OutfittersJustin Thompson Fishing and Jeff Goodwin’s Guide Service help put a friendly face on all things fish-related. Plenty of businesses like Phil’s Propellers can take care of your boating and fishing needs. Treks with HarvestWild will even introduce visitors in Redding to the foraging potential of our wild spaces alongside the water’s bounty.

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