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Whether it’s straight from the winery itself or a glass somewhere downtown, visitors love tasting local wines in Northern California. Microclimates and a unique volcanic soil help facilitate grape growing, and expert winemakers take over where Mother Nature’s work ends each year with the harvest. A visit to a tasting room is the perfect compliment to any adventure itinerary in Redding.


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Visit the Vineyards

Unique microclimates in Northern California allow a variety of grapes to grow. Alger Vineyard & Winery boasts postcard-worthy views for visitors sipping their equally delicious wines. Hilly Burnsini Vineyards is home to a retired couple who are continuing their late-in-life adventure making some exquisite reds.


Meanwhile, Matson Vineyards has been hosting tastings of their harvests since the 1980s, showcasing what Northern California’s grapes are all about. Enjoy a unique tasting experience just outside Redding at Lavineyard Farms, where sustainable wine-making and U-Pick lavender go hand-in-hand.


Wine Cellar Tastings

Many wineries create wines and blends from grapes grown around Northern California. Then there’s Alpen Cellars, which grows some of its own grapes, nestled among majestic crags. Dakaro Cellars and Moseley Family Cellars focus on quality, handcrafted batches of wine, while One Maple Winery was a hobby that became a full-time affair for its owners, and visitors get to reap the benefits of their winemaking prowess.

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Redding’s Wine Bars

In and around Downtown Redding, there are bars and tastings to be had. Westside Wine & Hops is a family-run business focused on quality wines from California and overseas with wide-open windows helping the place open up like an Italian piazza. Cedar Crest Brewing does boutique wine alongside its beers. There’s The Grape Escape, your one-stop shop for all things wine, featuring bottles from around the region and beyond. Bars and restaurants across the downtown area will also feature many local wines, so don’t be shy about asking for a taste of something local.

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