September 29, 2023


A coffee being passed across the counter at Evergreen in Redding CA

Redding’s coffee roasters are on the rise, gaining recognition across California and beyond with awards and national distribution.

From Theory’s pile of awards and their recent Golden Bean wins to Feast Coffee & Culture shipping coast-to-coast, you can certainly say that Redding’s coffee scene is cool beans.

In this article, we’ll highlight four top-notch coffee roasters that exemplify Redding’s emerging coffee culture – Theory Coffee Roasters, Need for Beans, Heritage Roasting Company, and Feast Coffee & Culture.

You’ll learn about their stories and passion for the craft while getting a taste of what makes their roasted offerings stand out.

Whether you’re looking for your new go-to morning brew, an incredible cup of espresso, or to experience Redding’s community-driven coffee scene, you’ll discover how these four roasters are putting Redding on the map for world-class specialty coffee.

Check Out 4 Top Coffee Roasters in Redding, CA


Theory Coffee Roasters own Sam LaRobardiere sniffing roasted coffee beans

Theory Coffee Roasters Owner, Sam LaRobardiere | Photo Credit: Theory Coffee


1250 California Street, Redding & 1401 Hilltop Drive, Redding

Owner Sam LaRobardiere started Theory Coffee Roasters after honing his passion for coffee roasting in his home kitchen. He has his own iMDb page after appearing in the 2017 documentary Cup of Culture.

Despite smoking out his family home on his first roasting attempts, Sam was undeterred.

He started selling his home-roasted coffee at local farmer’s markets, using a barbecue grill for roasting. With happy customers returning week after week, he knew he had a winning product.

“I love making people happy with this product that I also love,” Sam shares.

Sam LaRobardiere at Theory Coffee in downtown Redding holding the Golden Bean award

Theory Coffee Roasters, Golden Bean Small Franchise Champion | Photo Credit: Theory Coffee

Fast forward a couple of years, and their dedication to the craft has earned prestigious honors:

  • Rated one of Food & Wine’s Magazine’s Top 100 Best Café’s in North America
  • Sam LaRobardiere ranked 6th Best Roaster in the U.S. based on performance at the U.S. Coffee Roasting Championship Competition
  • Overall Winner, Small Chain Roasting at Golden Bean Competition, the largest competition in North America
  • Theory was named one of the top 30 coffee roasters in North America by Fresh Cup Magazine

So, what’s their secret?

“We’re sourcing really good coffee and have our own perspective on how we want the coffees to taste,” Sam explains. “When you actually brew that coffee, I want you to feel like you treated yourself – and it did not disappoint.”

Theory Coffee Roasters owner Sam LaRobardiere in Colombia

Sam LaRobardiere visiting coffee growers in Colombia | Photo Credit: Theory Coffee

Theory Coffee Roasters is very intentional about its coffee trading relationships. These partnerships are the primary reason Theory can offer world-class coffee to customers.

The relationships also create sustainability for the hardworking coffee farmers and their families.

By cultivating personal connections throughout the supply chain, Theory ensures reliable access to exceptional beans while improving livelihoods for producers.

Their commitment to ethical, mutually beneficial trading relationships yields benefits all along the coffee pipeline.

Beyond their initial downtown Redding roastery and café, Theory recently opened a second venue focused on coffee and espresso drinks on Hilltop Drive as well as a third counter serving up Theory brews at the Redding Municipal Airport.

Feast Coffee & Culture owner Eric Schuler setting up a coffee tasting at Evergreen in Redding, CA

Feast Coffee & Culture owner, Eric Schuler | Photo Credit: Evergreen


1501 Yuba Street, Redding

Eric Schuler leads Feast Coffee with over six years of coffee experience under his belt. His dedication and skill have quickly made Feast a major player.

Based downtown inside Evergreen, Feast ships its quality roasts nationwide. They offer a subscription model with creative perks like quarterly zines.

Feast provides education through monthly tastings and classes. Their merch and branding celebrate coffee culture and community.

A girl roasting Feast coffee at Evergreen in Redding CA

Kira Armstrong, Feast Coffee Roaster | Photo Credit: Evergreen

Eric Schuler regularly travels to remote regions in countries like Honduras and Guatemala to visit coffee producers and importers first-hand.

These trips provide knowledge and inspiration by allowing the Feast Coffee team to build vital relationships between the retail front and the people behind the coffee at its source.

Feast Coffee & Culture owner Eric Schuler meeting coffee producers in Honduras

Eric Schuler meeting coffee producers in Honduras | Photo Credit: Feast Coffee

By getting to know the farmers and communities growing the beans, Eric gains more appreciation and understanding of each coffee’s origins and stories.

His travels allow Feast to share excellent coffee and the human narratives behind each roast.

Stop by Evergreen to taste Feast’s offerings and experience their passion for the craft firsthand.

Heritage Roasting Company owner Stuart Sutherland standing by a coffee roaster

Heritage Roasting Company owner Stuart Sutherland | Photo Credit: Brad Coleman


4302 Shasta Dam Boulevard, Shasta Lake & 2250 Churn Creek Road, Redding

Heritage Roasting Company founders Stuart and Sara Sutherland bonded over coffee. Stuart began roasting in their garage, designing and building the first roaster himself.

They dreamed of opening a community-focused coffeehouse in Redding. After roasting and barista training, they launched Heritage Coffee in 2013.

“I really love the art and science tension that comes with coffee roasting,” Stuart shares. “You can spend a ton of time learning theory…but at the end of the day it also requires a ton of practice, intuition, and accidental surprises. All this to say, it never gets old!”

The Shasta Lake café provides a welcoming space for locals, with coffee, art, music, and community connection. Heritage takes pride in training baristas and roasters to share their passion.

NEW LOCATION: Heritage Coffeehouse on Churn Creek

Heritage Roasting Company roaster at their Shasta Lake location

Heritage only purchases specialty-grade coffee with complete seed-to-cup traceability. They partner with ethical importers and prioritize offering “Project Coffee” that helps improve producers’ lives.

When it comes to roasting, each batch of Heritage coffee is roasted to its fullest potential. The roast level brings out the best in each coffee’s unique origin and characteristics.

“Exceptional coffee should not be intimidating, and we love to make it accessible,” Stuart explains.

As a specialty coffee wholesaler, Heritage supplies coffee shops, offices, hotels, Airbnbs, and more with fresh, locally roasted coffee.

They’ve also had the honor to take what they’ve learned and trained successful coffee roasters in other places such as Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, Atlanta, Seattle, and locally through Shasta College community courses.

Premium Quality Need for Beans Roasting Co. sign

Photo Credit: Need for Beans


 5200 Churn Creek Road, Suite I, Redding

Owner Rick started Need for Beans roasting coffee at home with a small handheld roaster. Drawn in by the aroma and challenge of the perfect roast, he turned his passion into a profession.

Rick started with a small kiosk in the mall before focusing on the roastery. He uses a specialized Diedrich Roaster for micro-roasting and fine-tuning unique profiles.

“Over the years, we’ve learned which beans produce the flavors that appeal to the majority,” Rick shares.

Bags of Gesha from Guatamala Coffee

Gesha from Guatamala | Photo Credit: Need for Beans

They source premium beans worldwide, choosing those in season for freshness. With small batch roasting, Need for Beans ensures optimum flavor.

Discover their dedication to quality and relationships through each personalized roast. Stop by the roastery for fresh beans, gift baskets, and of course – a great cup of joe.

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