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Playing with Dolls II 2015
My Classic Car 2015
The Travel Guys 2015
CNBC Blue Collar Millionaires 2015
Pet Stories Documentary 2015
The Burning Dead 2015
The Hunting 2014
Methods of Take NBC Sports 2014
Disney's Planes 2014
The Dead and the Damned III 2014
CNN's The Hunt with John Walsh 2014
Prey for Death 2014
Playing with Dolls 2014
Sleeping Beauty 2014
Stelara Pharmaceutical commercial 2013
Toyota Commercial 2013
Rodeo Girls A&E TV Show 2013
Impact TV with Martin Sheen 2013
Water Commercial 2013
I"m Having Their Baby 2013
The Snow Queen 2013
MTV: Real World 2013
Alien Showdown: the Day the Old West Stood Still 2013
The Dead the Damned and the Darkness (The Dead and the Damned Part II) 2013
Global TV Whiskeytown Cemetary 2001
TNN High Adrenaline Jobs 2001
Orvis Fashion Shoot 2001
Jeep Catalog Shoot 2001
Merle Haggard Music Video 2001
"It's A Miracle" Tv Show 2000 Lassen Park At The Chalet
Jeep Commercial 2000
Merle Haggard Music Video 2000
Nissan Car Commercial 2000
CA. Dreamin' Documentary 2000 (European Tv)
Chevrolet Trucks 2000
Mercy Med. Center Comm. 2000
Lexus Brochure Shoot 1999 (Froomer Pictures)
Tarsen-Red Car Commercial 1999 Daiwu Car Commercial @ Shasta Dam (European Car)
Discovery Channel 1999 "Snow Blizzard"
Action Man Toy Comm. 1999
Extreme Adventures Tv 1999
Jeep Ad 1998 (Big Pictures Inc./Ponta Castle Ingram Agency)
Extreme World Records 1998
Forced Agenda (Feature Film) 1997
Latta (German Margarine) 1997
Free Gold (Independent Feature Film) 1997
Unsolved Mysteries (Tv Episode) 1997 Lost Loves (Shasta Lake City)
America's Most Wanted (Tv Episode)1997
Wisconsin Electric Commercial 1997
Nissan Car Commercial 1997 Burney Falls (June)
Marlboro Commercial 1998
Infinity Car Commercial 1996/1999
Almost Heroes (Feature Film) 1996
Wheelabrator Alliance 1997
Vodka Commercial 1997
Chevrolet Blazer 1997
Mercy Medical Center 1996
National Geographic Tv 1996
Bridges Of The World (Ntv) 1996
Bayliner Boats Commercial 1995/1999
Rescue 911 Television 1995
Unsolved Mysteries Tv 1995
Stagg Apple Cider Commercial 1995
Tecate Beer Commercial 1995
National Health Plans Comm. 1994
Subaru Car Comm. 1994
Saab Car Comm. 1992
1969 (Feature Film/Sequence) 1988
Hartford Ins. Comm. 1987
Willow (Feature Film/Sequence) 1987
Great Western Savings Comm. 1987
Honda Commercial (For Japan) 1986
Stand By Me (Feature Film/Sequence) 1985
Black & Decker Tool Comm. 1984
Firefox (Clint Eastwood) 1983 (Feature Film)
Climb An Angry Mountain 1970 (Feature Film/Mt. Shasta)
Hell Is For Heroes (Feature Film) 1962

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